Slumdog Millionaire Movie

Slumdog Millionaire Movie 

On the distribution of this year’s Oscars, the film Slumdog Millionaire up eight awards, which is a surprise to many who thought that this film will not receive a large echo.

This film, a small budget, a combination of a poor young boy’s dreams and new life in India, to make the stars did not know or never at home in the West.

The question here is: Is it time for Bollywood to hit Hollywood?

Says film critic Frank Ovis: “I think that any movie in Hollywood is sweeping the world at any time. Now is the time for Bollywood cinema.”

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However, the film Slumdog Millionaire is not purely an Indian film or similar film produced by the Bollywood musical in thousands annually, and the British film director, and one of the principal representatives, Dev Patel, born and living in Britain.

Hollywood has long used the global nature of the film in its own interest. In the beginning, Hollywood has a lot of European directors such as Fritz Lang, Jean Renoir.

The Indian cinema is also a number of effects on the nature of American cinema, film MOULIN ROUGE, which had been borrowed by the many influences of Bollywood cinema.

However, the cultural differences between Hollywood and Bollywood movies make it difficult for India to reach speeds of Hollywood, says Priya Joshi, professor of English at Temple University.

It adds: “Bollywood is still committed to social values, and this is what explains the success of this type of cinema in the United States.”

Slumdog Millionaire is noteworthy that the stunning upset victory for the night of Oscar award for best film, best director, and six other awards.

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