RK Best Songs

RK Best Songs

yeah..oct 23rd will always be memorable since I know how it was…worst thing was that night while leavin to bangalore from chennai the flight in which rajesh was coming was about to explode because two flights took off togther at minimum gap of seconds. both of the wings got clashed..God!!
It was such a aweful night for me till rajesh reached bangalore safely..once he msgd in the morning then only i was relaxed though everything returned to normal around 1.30..imagine.. next day early morning he had saregamapa shoot..on 21st he had saregamapa shoot till 9.45pm.. n very next day22nd early morning he had to leave to belagao to attend a programme..and because of fans excitement over there he missed his flight and was came driving all the way from belgao to bangalore and reached at 3 am and again 6am he had a flight to chennai.. Pavam..he couldn’t even had proper sleep.
but he didn’t tell abt that belgao incident thinking that I might get tensed.. When iwent to receive him at the airport I was shcoked to see him..he didn’t even take rest in spite our request..wanted to come to studio directly and sing..and when though he lost his voice suring summanendu he didn’t stop wanted to complete the song..Imagine he was not able to speak in the evening.
I was speechless looking at his dedication.. Hats off!!

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