Hollywood un produced films

Hollywood un produced films

Hollywood, one after another in recent years, science fiction films produce. Most of film is the work of supernatural events, or the world of evil men muscle produced a virus and is scorching, or creatures from other planets is the world attempt to occupation. World, not when the last time a hero (especially women’s and men’s double) is rescued by.
Hollywood `un produced films, American foreign trade, defense industry is the second biggest revenue stream.

In recent years, Hollywood `un` virus produced some of the `themed movie: 28 Weeks Later, 28 Days Later, Zombie, I Efesmaneyim, Return of the Living Dead, V for Vendetta, Blade Series, Resident Evil, Rear Garden, Dead Men Walking,

Sars War, Flight of the Living Dead, undead (immortal), fido.

Former Department of Mit `a by Mahir Kaynak, these films,` America `s state project`. Source, for some states `epidemic of viruses, then public drug sold` as claims for many years been the talk, “AIDS to say it. Medicine is now a way to earn money for political and strategic oldu.Kesinlikle of a work piece. Zaten Hollywood, politics can not stay away . American administration and intelligence agency ordered to apply the `he said.


The famous director Osman exam, `Think of a movie industry that state’s second largest source of income. But of course you want to spread the ideology of their own films. For example, Hollywood, Vietnam in its savior, the hero has created the `Rambo` yu said. The end of the period gene in modern science is much more pronounced recording exam, `This area is developing more every day. This issue also reflects the film `I was very normal.

Hollywood has recently taken issue with finding difficulties

Author and screenwriter Omer Lutfu Mete is infected films as `commercial concerns and the difficulty of evaluating`, `Now you are trying to create new trends. Hollywood also a strategic institutions. This work may be a tactical thing, of course, films are `opinions expressed. Pskiyatrist Prof. Dr. Arif commercial and strategic aspects of this work effective is emphasized. Efficient, “Every man here can be a different meaning. So this may be useful or harmful to the construction of human psychology,” he said

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