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Anita Patel (45), revealed that the two stars SLUMDOG Millionaire - who recently found out syuting smooch on the location in Israel in the last week, the court and he also claims to feel happy that the two teenagers.

“First is the only film, but then it all as a set. There is no life for a happier Dev besides this,” Anita said to the Daily Mirror newspaper quoted Femalefirst.

“Freida is very beautiful and I am happy for them. Yes, we know Dev fly to Israel to find,” the mother supplement.

This pair had caught the embrace for a smooch and enjoy lunch for two at the end of last week. At that time, Dev willing to fly to Israel to meet actress aged 24 years.

One witness said, “They both look happy and do not care who saw them there. Dev can not divert his eyes from the view of Freida and Freida are not able to remove the spoon Dev.”

“They regard each other with each other, and stylish as the court. But when they leave the bar, then they separated and berakting I had never met before,” the source row

Elizabeth Taylor in Cleopatra http://hindisong.us/elizabeth-taylor-in-cleopatra/ http://hindisong.us/elizabeth-taylor-in-cleopatra/#comments Fri, 17 Apr 2009 12:04:29 +0000 http://hindisong.us/?p=116 Archaeological team is trying to reach the tomb of Cleopatra and Marc Anthony 
 Similar to the role of Elizabeth Taylor in Cleopatra
The Supreme Council for Antiquities said in a statement, by a team of researchers ARCHEOLOGISTS, the process of exploration of the famous shrines of the couple, the Romanian leader, Marc Antonio, and the Egyptian Queen Cleopatra, during the coming weeks.

The statement noted that the search will take place in the Temple “Tabousers Magna” in Abu Sair, west of Alexandria, where the research team to conduct a survey and radar to detect the three sites may contain the tomb of historical figures, and the team has discovered a cemetery outside the fence of an unidentified large temple.
In a comment to Zahi Hawass, Secretary General of the Council and a major research team, were found 22 coins bearing the image of Cleopatra “is very beautiful,” and, in particular, Queen Cleopatra of alabaster, which refutes the argument by some scholars that they were not so much beauty.

The mission revealed the 27 shrines so far, is the sarcophagus in the form of the dome, and the burial of seven small rooms, which were found on seven mummies, two of which were Mtlitan gold.

It is noteworthy that the love story of Cleopatra and Marc Anthony have stirred millions around the world, where the poet William Shakespeare humanitarian wrote the play in line with events, and the filmmakers Tlagafoha to turn into a popular film, it’s Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton, who had signed under the flame of love each other in turn.

The Cleopatra ruled Egypt between 51 and 30 BC, and Wanthrt after the defeat of her lover, the Roman commander Marc Antonio, Actavian to the fleet commander, the son of Roman Emperor Julius Caesar, and Marc Anthony had committed suicide before, and after hearing the false news about her death.

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On the distribution of this year’s Oscars, the film Slumdog Millionaire up eight awards, which is a surprise to many who thought that this film will not receive a large echo.

This film, a small budget, a combination of a poor young boy’s dreams and new life in India, to make the stars did not know or never at home in the West.

The question here is: Is it time for Bollywood to hit Hollywood?

Says film critic Frank Ovis: “I think that any movie in Hollywood is sweeping the world at any time. Now is the time for Bollywood cinema.”

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“Tramp, who became a millionaire,” HARVESTS 8 Oscar Awards
However, the film Slumdog Millionaire is not purely an Indian film or similar film produced by the Bollywood musical in thousands annually, and the British film director, and one of the principal representatives, Dev Patel, born and living in Britain.

Hollywood has long used the global nature of the film in its own interest. In the beginning, Hollywood has a lot of European directors such as Fritz Lang, Jean Renoir.

The Indian cinema is also a number of effects on the nature of American cinema, film MOULIN ROUGE, which had been borrowed by the many influences of Bollywood cinema.

However, the cultural differences between Hollywood and Bollywood movies make it difficult for India to reach speeds of Hollywood, says Priya Joshi, professor of English at Temple University.

It adds: “Bollywood is still committed to social values, and this is what explains the success of this type of cinema in the United States.”

Slumdog Millionaire is noteworthy that the stunning upset victory for the night of Oscar award for best film, best director, and six other awards.

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CHEERS !!!!!!!!!


KK songs in 2009 http://hindisong.us/kk-songs-in-2009/ http://hindisong.us/kk-songs-in-2009/#comments Sun, 12 Apr 2009 19:46:55 +0000 http://hindisong.us/?p=109 KK songs in 2009
1. Aisa To Socha Na Tha - Victory
2. Ae Aa O - Billu Barber
3. Marjaani (Balkan’s Kilogram Mix) - Billu Barber
4. Chaand Zameen Pe - 42 Kms
5. Gulon Mein (Upbeat Version) - Sikandar
6. Hai Junoon - New York
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yeah..oct 23rd will always be memorable since I know how it was…worst thing was that night while leavin to bangalore from chennai the flight in which rajesh was coming was about to explode because two flights took off togther at minimum gap of seconds. both of the wings got clashed..God!!
It was such a aweful night for me till rajesh reached bangalore safely..once he msgd in the morning then only i was relaxed though everything returned to normal around 1.30..imagine.. next day early morning he had saregamapa shoot..on 21st he had saregamapa shoot till 9.45pm.. n very next day22nd early morning he had to leave to belagao to attend a programme..and because of fans excitement over there he missed his flight and was came driving all the way from belgao to bangalore and reached at 3 am and again 6am he had a flight to chennai.. Pavam..he couldn’t even had proper sleep.
but he didn’t tell abt that belgao incident thinking that I might get tensed.. When iwent to receive him at the airport I was shcoked to see him..he didn’t even take rest in spite our request..wanted to come to studio directly and sing..and when though he lost his voice suring summanendu he didn’t stop wanted to complete the song..Imagine he was not able to speak in the evening.
I was speechless looking at his dedication.. Hats off!!

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Hollywood, one after another in recent years, science fiction films produce. Most of film is the work of supernatural events, or the world of evil men muscle produced a virus and is scorching, or creatures from other planets is the world attempt to occupation. World, not when the last time a hero (especially women’s and men’s double) is rescued by.
Hollywood `un produced films, American foreign trade, defense industry is the second biggest revenue stream.

In recent years, Hollywood `un` virus produced some of the `themed movie: 28 Weeks Later, 28 Days Later, Zombie, I Efesmaneyim, Return of the Living Dead, V for Vendetta, Blade Series, Resident Evil, Rear Garden, Dead Men Walking,

Sars War, Flight of the Living Dead, undead (immortal), fido.

Former Department of Mit `a by Mahir Kaynak, these films,` America `s state project`. Source, for some states `epidemic of viruses, then public drug sold` as claims for many years been the talk, “AIDS to say it. Medicine is now a way to earn money for political and strategic oldu.Kesinlikle of a work piece. Zaten Hollywood, politics can not stay away . American administration and intelligence agency ordered to apply the `he said.


The famous director Osman exam, `Think of a movie industry that state’s second largest source of income. But of course you want to spread the ideology of their own films. For example, Hollywood, Vietnam in its savior, the hero has created the `Rambo` yu said. The end of the period gene in modern science is much more pronounced recording exam, `This area is developing more every day. This issue also reflects the film `I was very normal.

Hollywood has recently taken issue with finding difficulties

Author and screenwriter Omer Lutfu Mete is infected films as `commercial concerns and the difficulty of evaluating`, `Now you are trying to create new trends. Hollywood also a strategic institutions. This work may be a tactical thing, of course, films are `opinions expressed. Pskiyatrist Prof. Dr. Arif commercial and strategic aspects of this work effective is emphasized. Efficient, “Every man here can be a different meaning. So this may be useful or harmful to the construction of human psychology,” he said

River to River http://hindisong.us/river-to-river/ http://hindisong.us/river-to-river/#comments Sat, 11 Apr 2009 03:35:16 +0000 http://hindisong.us/?p=102 River to River. Florence Indian Film Festival
Be held in Florence 4-10 December 2009, the 9th edition of River to River Florence Indian Film Festival.
Designed for first time in Florence in 2001, was the first festival in the world entirely devoted to Indian cinema. Known only in its country of origin, the Indian cinema has reached a major milestone with the victory of the Leone d’Oro by Mira Nair of Monsoon Wedding at the Festival del cinema di Venezia in 2001.

In recent years in Europe and throughout the rest of the world, Indian cinema has been better known as Bollywood, with its big budget films, songs, dances and, of course, big star. At the same time, alongside the invasion of colossal Bollywood film industry, has developed a parallel and independent cinema: the so-called River to River. The Florence Indian Film Festival aims to promote precisely the River to River, each year showing the most significant recent films, short films and documentaries. Just arriving in Florence directors, actors and producers of this independent cinema, presenting their work to the public and the press.

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Girl Power In Fashion
  I leave the Spice Girls generation. “Girl Power“, it’s screaming with girlfriends in the courtyard playground, between two baffes we foutait the poor group of boys who had the misfortune to pass on our way. Cool girls, a little crazy, saying that the boys used to do nothing and whose friendship was the only important thing in life, if not a social success. From this, I have a little difficulty in assessing these girls today, who play the sacred Nitouche-colored pastel marshmallow singing the sound of old vicelards lacking flesh. Girls Generation, anyone?

Bollywood Hot Trends http://hindisong.us/bollywood-hot-trends/ http://hindisong.us/bollywood-hot-trends/#comments Fri, 10 Apr 2009 19:05:46 +0000 http://hindisong.us/?p=88 Bollywood Hot Trends

Last time I had shown how “copy” the makeup of Korean actresses. Now, here is the long awaited post SPECIAL INDIA, I promised ages ago! XD j’hésitais to talk about Indian culture in general, Bollywood movies, or stars in general, but my schedule and my lack of knowledge compared to specialists rather deflect me on what I know really analyze and copy the makeup of the Indian, and you make a tutorial here quite beautiful, just for you!

Why so much praise on India, me, fan of Korea? Well now, the very first words I have said in this life were hindu. Who knows why XD I love the spirituality that surrounds it, like many people, its history, its exotic, the cuisine (Ah! A good thali!), His films, his music and the fact that it appears in the name of my favorite animal: the guinea pig XDDD Ok, j’abuse the end XD With the spring comes, I say it was the perfect time to show you how to make a glamorous make-up, while color, and immoderation!

Indian beauty is very different than the Korean, but no less sophisticated: beautiful long hair and fastened a golden skin (although they prefer the white cat =,.=), eyes and sensuous mouth, as we demonstrated this photo:
Of course, that said “Bollywood,” says explosions of color, unusual choreography, forbidden love, and melodramas to no end … Clash of colors, accessories, bling, India is comparable to more developed countries, when it comes to female beauty. The evidence, a Miss India completes all 5 years in the Miss World dolphins, if not win the title at all!
Deepika Padukone is one of the great stars of the moment in Bollywood. Sari in red, gold and fuchsia (pictured above), the color lights of Indian women, big earrings and a light colored anthrax but that’s the kind of look that you often see in films. ^ ^
Aishwarya Rai is the Indian superstar, who, thanks to its legendary beauty and a lucrative contract with L’Oréal, has become an ambassador of Indian cinema in the world. Full star glamorous, it is always a perfect makeup that highlights her emerald green eyes.
Since last few years, the West has been contaminated by the wave Bollywood, to the point that major brands are launching collections directly inspired hindu cinema: this year launched the Givenchy collection spring-summer makeup entitled “Maharani”, after that Lancôme has launched a similar series last year. Maharani takes into account the light colors like fuchsia and orange, but also gold and silver, with reference to the embroidery saris and jewelry steel or silver as the Indian wear all the time. Also in the collection, a black crayon to cover the lower lid of the eye. Although I found the collection quite successful, I do not think it is authentic Indian makeup, as it use too many stereotypes. That is why I prefer to avoid a repeat look Givenchy …