Elizabeth Taylor in Cleopatra

Archaeological team is trying to reach the tomb of Cleopatra and Marc Anthony 
 Similar to the role of Elizabeth Taylor in Cleopatra
The Supreme Council for Antiquities said in a statement, by a team of researchers ARCHEOLOGISTS, the process of exploration of the famous shrines of the couple, the Romanian leader, Marc Antonio, and the Egyptian Queen Cleopatra, during the coming weeks.

The statement noted that the search will take place in the Temple “Tabousers Magna” in Abu Sair, west of Alexandria, where the research team to conduct a survey and radar to detect the three sites may contain the tomb of historical figures, and the team has discovered a cemetery outside the fence of an unidentified large temple.
In a comment to Zahi Hawass, Secretary General of the Council and a major research team, were found 22 coins bearing the image of Cleopatra “is very beautiful,” and, in particular, Queen Cleopatra of alabaster, which refutes the argument by some scholars that they were not so much beauty.

The mission revealed the 27 shrines so far, is the sarcophagus in the form of the dome, and the burial of seven small rooms, which were found on seven mummies, two of which were Mtlitan gold.

It is noteworthy that the love story of Cleopatra and Marc Anthony have stirred millions around the world, where the poet William Shakespeare humanitarian wrote the play in line with events, and the filmmakers Tlagafoha to turn into a popular film, it’s Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton, who had signed under the flame of love each other in turn.

The Cleopatra ruled Egypt between 51 and 30 BC, and Wanthrt after the defeat of her lover, the Roman commander Marc Antonio, Actavian to the fleet commander, the son of Roman Emperor Julius Caesar, and Marc Anthony had committed suicide before, and after hearing the false news about her death.

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