Kaminey Hindi Movie Review

Kaminey Hindi Movie Review And First Look
Saif Ali Khan, the first “Kaminey”
It appears that Saif Ali Khan was supposed to played in the movie “Kaminey of Vishal Bharadwaj. However, while the director spoke to him, he preferred Shahid Kapoor.

The actor and director has shared a very good relationship with the success of Omkar and the extraordinary performance of Saif.
But Vishal is a perfectionist and finally thought Sahid is a better choice for the script.
According to him, the role required a young actor and he was immediately up the challenge by transforming the boy always impeccable in what you see at the moment on the movie.

Therefore, “Kaminey” could very well make a big difference in Shahid’s career, as did ‘Omkar’ for Saif Ali Khan.
Today wonderful actors attest to the work of Vishal Bharadwaj. Changes that make things happen are always welcome!

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