Bollywood Hot Trends

Bollywood Hot Trends

Last time I had shown how “copy” the makeup of Korean actresses. Now, here is the long awaited post SPECIAL INDIA, I promised ages ago! XD j’hésitais to talk about Indian culture in general, Bollywood movies, or stars in general, but my schedule and my lack of knowledge compared to specialists rather deflect me on what I know really analyze and copy the makeup of the Indian, and you make a tutorial here quite beautiful, just for you!

Why so much praise on India, me, fan of Korea? Well now, the very first words I have said in this life were hindu. Who knows why XD I love the spirituality that surrounds it, like many people, its history, its exotic, the cuisine (Ah! A good thali!), His films, his music and the fact that it appears in the name of my favorite animal: the guinea pig XDDD Ok, j’abuse the end XD With the spring comes, I say it was the perfect time to show you how to make a glamorous make-up, while color, and immoderation!

Indian beauty is very different than the Korean, but no less sophisticated: beautiful long hair and fastened a golden skin (although they prefer the white cat =,.=), eyes and sensuous mouth, as we demonstrated this photo:
Of course, that said “Bollywood,” says explosions of color, unusual choreography, forbidden love, and melodramas to no end … Clash of colors, accessories, bling, India is comparable to more developed countries, when it comes to female beauty. The evidence, a Miss India completes all 5 years in the Miss World dolphins, if not win the title at all!
Deepika Padukone is one of the great stars of the moment in Bollywood. Sari in red, gold and fuchsia (pictured above), the color lights of Indian women, big earrings and a light colored anthrax but that’s the kind of look that you often see in films. ^ ^
Aishwarya Rai is the Indian superstar, who, thanks to its legendary beauty and a lucrative contract with L’Oréal, has become an ambassador of Indian cinema in the world. Full star glamorous, it is always a perfect makeup that highlights her emerald green eyes.
Since last few years, the West has been contaminated by the wave Bollywood, to the point that major brands are launching collections directly inspired hindu cinema: this year launched the Givenchy collection spring-summer makeup entitled “Maharani”, after that Lancôme has launched a similar series last year. Maharani takes into account the light colors like fuchsia and orange, but also gold and silver, with reference to the embroidery saris and jewelry steel or silver as the Indian wear all the time. Also in the collection, a black crayon to cover the lower lid of the eye. Although I found the collection quite successful, I do not think it is authentic Indian makeup, as it use too many stereotypes. That is why I prefer to avoid a repeat look Givenchy …

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John did not have time to Bhansali

John did not have time to Bhansali
The shooting of the film Chenab Gandhi of Sanjay Leela Bhansali, based on the life of Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan’s freedom fighter, will begin in May and not at the end of the year as some have claimed journalists.   

A few weeks ago, when Harman Baweja has been replaced by John Abraham for this period piece, he said that the filming would not begin before some time. Because John was too busy on the set of HOOK YA CROOK to give time for Chenab Gandhi, whose main role will be provided by the superstar Bachchan Amithab. 

“There are interests who want to demolish the project or create a negative energy around it. The fact is that John finished filming Hook Crook is April 20 and will begin shooting Chenab Gandhi May 8 Now it is too fast? said spokesman Bhansali.   
Apparently John had wanted to start but rather Bhansali insisted he take a break after Hook and Crook is preparing for its role in reading documents. Chenab Gandhi will be led by assistant Vibhu Puri longtime director. 

   “John was nice enough to offer immediately after the dates are Hook Crook, but as everyone knows Bhansali does not work that way. He hopes that these players are comfortable in their roles, the period and the environment in which the film is shot. Since Chenab Gandhi is a period piece, it was imperative that John spends time reading on this subject before coming turn. “Said the spokesperson. 

The politico-historical film which tells the story of freedom fighter from the North-West Frontier, known worldwide as the ‘Gandhi of frontiers’, will also Vydia Features Balan in addition to John and Amithab

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